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Your dogs are always there for you; now you can be there for them!

Dogs are part of our family. We trust them more than ourselves. Yet, as our faithful companion, dogs can’t tell us when they aren’t well, and we can’t tell if they are under the kind of stress that may lead to cancer. 

Until now…

OncoGx16 combines advanced DNA technology with an easy to use at-home test device to give you the most accurate cancer detection currently available. This first-in-class noninvasive test is remarkably simple and can spot 16 specific types of cancer, including the 7 most common canine cancers before any clinical signs are noticeable. It uses trace amounts of DNA in the nasal secretions of dogs to detect the presence of early-stage cancers that may be present anywhere in the dog’s body. Detection at stage 0 allows pet owners to consult with their veterinarians to determine the best approach for promoting their pet’s longevity.

In comparison to the liquid biopsy test that relies upon next generation sequencing in the lab, the results of OncoGX16 can be obtained within minutes directly in the comfort of your own home. The emotional stress on the pets and pet parents during the waiting period for those lab test results can be significant.

Priced at $49.99 per test, the cost of OncoGx16 test pays in the long run compared to late-stage cancer treatments for dogs that average over $10,000.

Unlike liquid biopsy that is originated from human cancer test, the OncoGx16 test is designed to target canine cancer driver genes in the context of organ-specific mutations. It is dedicated to real-time screening of 16 specific canine cancers by the pet parents at home.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Roger Caras once said. The truth of this adage echoes our sentiments! With the OncoGx16 Cancer Test, pet parents can now make their kids’ lives whole.