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Your Dog Is Always There for You – Now You Can Be There for Them

Any Dog-lover will tell you that dogs aren’t just our ‘best friends’ – they are part of our family. The bond between humans and dogs is powerful and deeply-rooted. We love them deeply and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for them. 

Dogs have an amazing ability to detect illness, too. They are already used to alert and support people with a number of serious health conditions and trials are underway to use them to detect cancer and other diseases. Yet, they can’t tell us when they aren’t well and often, by the time we know something isn’t right, it may be too late. 

The leading cause of death in dogs is cancer* which takes a hold when the conditions are right – when the levels of stress on the canine body are high enough. But we can’t tell if our faithful companion is under the kind of stress that may lead to cancer. 

Until now…

OncoGx16 combines advanced DNA technology with an easy to use at-home measuring device to give you the most accurate early cancer detection available today.

At last, a simple, affordable, non-invasive kit for you to use at home and which gives you results in minutes. Use it when you first notice your dog isn’t quite himself, to check if all is well. Better still, make it part of your regular care regime, making sure they are in top form and getting healthy food. 


  1. David Parker

    Just remember that responsible pet ownership starts with regular visits to the veterinarian. Given their shorter-than-human lifespan, your pet should be getting a checkup at least once a year.

    • Farrel Collins

      Soon after welcoming your new pet into home, schedule an immunization appointment. Talk to your vet regarding details.


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