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Canine OncoGx16 Cancer Test

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Easy, simple and accurate, OncoGx16 Cancer Test is world’s first at-home dog cancer detection kit, which can detect 16 specific types of canine cancer at early stage with unprecedented accuracy.  The test can precisely determine the oncological conditions of dogs before any signs of cancer appear, and its non-invasive and simple nose swab allows pet owners to be proactive about their dog’s health: early detection provides opportunity for early intervention.

OncoGx16 combines advanced DNA technology with an easy to use at-home test device to give you the most accurate cancer detection. This noninvasive test is remarkably simple and can spot 16 specific types of cancer, including the 7 most common canine cancers before any clinical signs are noticeable. It uses trace amounts of DNA in the nasal secretions of dogs to detect the presence of early-stage cancers that may be present anywhere in the dog’s body. Detection at stage 0 allows pet owners to consult with their veterinarians to determine the best approach for promoting their pet’s longevity.

Each kit contains two separate tests: one for now and the other to be used for later testing. OncoGx16 test is an early cancer detection test meaning it detects cancer signals that are present in early-staged cancer.  A negative test result rules out the likelihood of malignancy, whereas a positive test result will give veterinarian an early opportunity to deliver the best care before cancer gets out of hand. No other canine cancer tests compare to the simplicity, speed and accuracy of OncoGx16.  


OncoGx16 test is an exosome-based DNA biopsy that analyzes exoDNA in the philtrum sample to identify DNA energetic features in cancer-specific differential conformation. The test is configured as a bi-lateral flow molecular assay to indicate the detection or non-detection of cancer signal for the targeted 16 types of cancers in the patient’s exoDNA. If cancer specific signal is detected, then the window color in the testing cassette will turn red.  If cancer signal is not detected, then the window color will turn green. 

OncoGx16 is an early cancer detection test meaning it detects cancer-associated signals that are present in early-staged cancers. As a result, OncoGx16 may detect in situ carcinoma, while cancer is still localized to the primary site. 

When used for screening, OncoGx16 empowers pet owners to rule out the likelihood of the targeted 16 cancers when indifferentiable signs of illness are noticed in the furry kids.  When used as an aid in diagnosis, OncoGx16 can provide useful information for tumors that may be difficult to access by fine needle aspiration or surgical biopsy due to accessibility in the body. 

OncoGx16 is also a multi-cancer detection test meaning it detects multiple types of cancers including the 7 most common canine cancers. The test is formulated into two testing panels; each panels covers 8 types of cancers.  A positive test result for the first panel indicates at least one of the eight types of malignancy of first panel is present in the body.  A positive test result for the second panel indicates at least one of the eight types of malignancy of second panel is present in the body. 

The performance characteristics of the OncoGx16 were determined in validated cohorts comprising over 300 dogs, with and without a diagnosis of cancer, in which 16 target types of canine cancers are demonstrated with overall sensitivity and specificity of 98% and 99.5%, respectively.


List of cancers detected in OncoGx16 test

2 reviews for Canine OncoGx16 Cancer Test

  1. Andrea Pancholi

    Thank you for the OncoGx16 and for your willingness to help. I watched the video and we do feel confident in administering the test. We gave Foxy the tests and she got two green lines so this means she is cancer free. I’m so thankful that the OncoGx16 confirmed that for us so that I can take care of her at home.

  2. Michael Vayda

    “As a scientist, I am excited about the simple way that OncoGx16 Exosome DNA Biopsy tackles pets’ cancer. OncoGx16 will eventually benefit dogs, their families, and the veterinarians that manage their care.”

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