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Canine OncoGuarDx Early Cancer Test


Easy, fast, and accurate point-of-care pet stress test with greater than 95% accuracy.  OncoGuardDx is a cancer stress test that can detect your dog’s stress status before cancer gets out of hands.  No other test for dog cancer detection compares to simplicity, speed and accuracy of OncoGuarDx!



The first-in-class pet cancer deterrence test is here!  Now you can find out if your dog has the early signs of cancer stress with a simple needle-free, easy-to-use test kit. All it takes is a simple swab from your dog’s philtrum (lower nose split), and you can get the results in minutes!

Each kit contains two separate tests, one for now and the other to use later. Comes with an easy-to-use app for Android and Apple devices, OncoGuarDx can scan and save the OncoGuarDx test results for you to keep tracking up to six dog’s OncoGuarDx conditions.  Furthermore, if your dog is tested positive for cancer, the OncoGuarDx app will provide you with instructions to mail in a fresh nose swab to our US based laboratory.  AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, our lab will tell you which of the 16 most common canine cancers are presently imposing on your dog. You only pay for USPS, FedEx or UPS to send swab to our US-based lab.  There is no other dog cancer detection in existence that compares to the simplicity, speed and accuracy of Canine OncoGuarDx Early Cancer Test. 


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