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Cancer is a Disease of Regulator Genes

Each cell in a dog’s body contains billions of DNA “letters” that make up the dog’s genome. Cancer develops as a result of the successive accumulation of alterations (DNA mutations) in the regulator genes over time. All cancer cells actively release exosomes into the bloodstream, and DNA released from exosomes of cancer cell contains unique alterations in the regulatory genes that can be detected by differential DNA energetics technology.

Cancer is by Far the #1 Cause of Death in Dogs

There are 6 million new cancer cases per year in dogs and 1 in 3 dogs will develop cancer during their lifetime. Together, we can transform this grim stat by empowering ourselves, as pet parents, with a simple, accurate and affordable at-home DNA test to effectively shield our furry kids from cancers. Canine OncoGx16 Cancer Test is a cutting-edge molecular diagnostic test dedicated to unleashing the power of at-home preventative care to improve our pet’s health. Now you can find out if your dog has cancer with a simple needle-free, exosome DNA biopsy for multi-cancer detection. All it takes is a simple swab from your dog’s nose (lower philtrum) and you can get the results in minutes!