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Cancer Sniffing Comes Around

Cancer sniffing for your best friend may sound crazy.  But that is exactly what your best friend can do for you! 

With their uncanny olfactory sense, dogs have been shown to be able to detect cancer in humans with astonishing accuracy. Now, with the Canine OncoGx16 Cancer Test, that amazing feat can be reversed, not only to tell if your dog has cancer but also to catch cancer before it can sneak in, enabling you to take prompt action and prevent it ever getting too late.

For the first time in the 30,000-year evolution of this special furry relationship, we can now return the same favor to our dogs with more tended love by sparing them from the suffering of cancer. 


  1. David Parker

    Just remember that responsible pet ownership starts with regular visits to the veterinarian. Given their shorter-than-human lifespan, your pet should be getting a checkup at least once a year.

    • Farrel Collins

      Soon after welcoming your new pet into home, schedule an immunization appointment. Talk to your vet regarding details.


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